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TFI Twin-fluid Nozzle Lances

The TFI series nozzle is an internal mixing type nozzle;

During normal operation, it is necessary to provide compressed nitrogen at a certain pressure and water at a certain pressure simultaneously;

Inside the nozzle, compressed nitrogen and water undergo several blows, producing very small particles;

The atomized particles are very small, with an average diameter of 40-150 microns, ensuring complete evaporation and avoiding the occurrence of wet bottoms;

A single nozzle has a high water volume. The water regulation ratio can reach 10:1. Within the range of water volume changes, the atomized particles remain basically unchanged, ensuring that there is no wet bottom phenomenon during high water volume;

The spray covers a large area. The spray diameter can reach 3-4 meters, which is more conducive to flue gas cooling and conditioning;

Excellent anti blocking performance. The nozzle aperture can reach 6.3 millimeters, which can meet the requirements of different water quality;

There are multiple corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant materials to choose from, with a longer service life;

The TFI series nozzles and spray guns are used in situations where high-temperature flue gas requires spray conditioning, such as primary dust removal of converter gas in steelmaking plants, spray cooling of emergency cooling towers in hazardous waste incineration plants, and spray cooling of humidification towers in cement plants.

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