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TFIJ Twin-fluid Nozzle Lances

The TFIJ series nozzle is an internal mixing type nozzle;

Low energy consumption structural design, with an air to water ratio as low as 100, reduces the consumption of compressed air, saves operating costs, and can reduce air consumption by about 15%;

Even with high flow rates, there are small spray particles, and the spray volume can reach a particle size of 150 microns at a rate of 500l/h;

Exquisite design and lightweight and simple nozzle structure reduce maintenance time and save costs;

Controlled the turbulent flow around the nozzle and minimized the swirling flow at the nozzle;

Compact size suitable for installation and replacement in the vast majority of pipeline systems;

The TFIJ series nozzles and spray guns are used for spray cooling of emergency cooling towers in hazardous waste incineration plants, re spraying of leachate from household waste incineration, and spray cooling of humidification towers in cement plants.

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