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Talent Concept

Pay attention to the growth of Jiadi and share the development trends of the environmental protection industry

  • 01Let honest and upright people find their place here
    Without palace intrigue, rejecting unwritten rules, and not advocating seniority, we leave space for the purest talents and struggles
  • 02Give maximum space to proactive and innovative individuals
    Do not underestimate any imaginative or astonishing words
    Willing to pay the price for every eye-catching courage
    If you can't shock yourself, how can you shock others
  • 03Unleash your potential through win-win cooperation
    The big shots here are talented, but they are still full of firepower. On the battlefield of various projects, they work tirelessly with their teammates to create miracles. We cherish the sparks that may burst out in every collaboration

What kind of people are we

We are a group of passionate, ambitious, and willing to work hard, striving forward on the journey of assisting enterprise operations

  • Living recklessly is what motivates active innovation
    Flexible working hours, irregular team building activities, healthy physique, free soul, and many happy moments for young people in beautiful places
  • Every small surpassing can receive feedback
    A clear career development path allows you to take every step with richness and strength, achieving success and success
  • Share resources and prevent you from unilaterally outputting
    Teaching people to fish is the starting point, teaching people to fish is the process, teaching people to desire is the goal, and working with the team to interpret that those who share the same desire will win