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Electrical engineer
Job Description:

1. Responsible for the installation, debugging, maintenance, and operation of the electrical system of production equipment;

2. Responsible for drawing electrical schematics, selecting electrical components, and designing electrical control cabinets;

3. Able to use commonly used automation components such as PLC, touch screen, servo, etc., and complete program writing according to design documents or requirements;

4. Other tasks assigned by company leaders.

Job Requirements:

1. College degree or above, majoring in Automatic Control, Electronic and Electrical Engineering;

More than 2.2 years of relevant work experience;

3. Strong sense of responsibility, good teamwork and communication skills, good at learning, and strong hands-on ability.

4. This position is located on Xijiang Road in Kunshan Economic Development Zone. Please refer to 51job for specific recruitment information.

Recruitment hotline:021-5858 7002 Resume submission note your name, job position, and contact information when delivering)