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HS Fluid Back Nozzle Lances

The HS series nozzle is a single fluid high-pressure reflux nozzle;

During normal operation, only water with a certain pressure needs to be provided, and compressed air is not required;

Usually, the water supply pressure is not less than 3.5Mpa and remains constant;

By controlling the amount of water in the reflux path, the spray volume can be adjusted, resulting in good consistency of spray particles;

The nozzle produces a very uniform solid conical spray effect, with a spray angle of about 90 degrees;

Meet the water spray requirements under different flue gas loads, with a regulation ratio of 10:1;

After atomization, small water mist particles combine with high-temperature flue gas, quickly evaporate and take away heat. At the same time, the flue gas is conditioned, greatly increasing the activity of the desulfurizer, ensuring desulfurization efficiency, reducing flue gas temperature, and meeting dust collection requirements;

The HS high-pressure reflux nozzle and spray gun are specifically designed and developed for circulating fluidized bed flue gas dry desulfurization (CFB-FGD).

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