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VH Vortex Nozzle Lances

The VH series nozzle is a single fluid nozzle;

The spray shape is a hollow cone, forming a circular impact area;

The nozzle adopts an internal guide groove design and has an unobstructed water flow channel;

There are no blades inside the nozzle, which minimizes blockage as much as possible;

The cap of the nozzle can be disassembled, making it convenient for maintenance and cleaning;

Uniformly distributed, with a wide range of pressure and flow applications;

Spray droplets have small to medium particle size;

High quality atomization of liquids can also be achieved at lower pressures;

Quickly transfer heat and generate good impact effects of gas-borne liquid droplets;

The VH series nozzles and spray guns are used in primary dust removal and flue gas washing of converter gas in steelmaking plants.

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