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SNCR Denitration System


The integrated module is a pump station system that is mounted on a lever, and the main functional sub modules of the SNCR system are integrated on the base of the lever for easy handling and on-site installation;

The functional sub modules mainly include preparation tank, storage tank, conveying module, metering and distribution module, control system, injection system, etc;

The preparation tank is used to prepare reducing agents that meet the process requirements, usually equipped with agitators and heaters& Nbsp;

Storage tanks are used to temporarily store prepared reducing agents, usually equipped with mixers and heaters;

The conveying module is used to transport the reducing agent in the storage tank to the metering module and injection system;

The metering distribution module is used to accurately distribute reducing agents to each spray gun in the spraying system and measure them;

The spraying system includes a dual fluid denitrification spray gun, an automatic expansion device, and connecting accessories, and the automatic expansion device can be optionally equipped;

The control system is used to control the normal operation of all submodules and coordinate the logical relationships between each module.

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