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FT Denitration Nozzle Lances


The FT series nozzle is a rear atomizer nozzle, matched with a rear atomizer;

Fan shaped spray distributes the liquid flow into a fan shape;

Droplet size ranges from small to medium;

Uniformly distributed, with a wide range of pressure and flow applications;

Smooth liquid flow channels that are not easily blocked;

Can provide nozzles ranging from 30 ° to 110 °;

Make full use of the wide angle and narrow angle nozzles to cover every corner of the furnace as much as possible, ensuring that the high-temperature flue gas is in full contact with the injected reducing agent;

Simple construction is easier to maintain;

The FT series nozzles and spray guns are used in high-temperature flue gas SNCR and SCR denitrification, as well as hazardous waste disposal waste liquid backflow.

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