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A high-tech enterprise in Shanghai that specializes in providing spray system solutions

Shanghai JDSPRAY Systems Co., Ltd

Located in Lujiazui Financial and Trade Zone, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, the company was established in 2009
is a high-tech enterprise that provides key equipment for comprehensive atmospheric prevention and control. It is committed to the research and development, design, production, and service of various nozzles, spray guns, and spray systems required for industrial tail gas treatment (dust removal, desulfurization, denitrification, and cooling, etc.), as well as the design, supply, and service of environmental protection auxiliary systems, including the leachate recirculation system for household waste.


The company's manufacturing factory is located in the Economic Development Zone of Kunshan City. Relying on innovation, the spray products developed have been successfully applied in many industries.

Since its development, Shanghai JDSPRAY has covered industries such as steel, household waste incineration power generation, hazardous waste disposal, non-ferrous metals, thermal power, cement, etc. Its main clients include Baowu, Ansteel, Hegang, Shangang, Baosteel, Shagang Group, Hualing Group, Xingcheng Special Steel, Fujian Sansteel, MCC Jingcheng, MCC Saidi, MCC South, MCC Huatian, MCC East, MCC Energy Conservation, Xizhong Institute, and Xikuang State and private large enterprises and listed companies such as Pritt (formerly Siemens Aogang Union), China Enfei, Everbright Environment, China Energy Conservation, China Environmental Information, China Tianying, Shanghai Environment, Shanghai Electric, Shenzhen Energy and Environmental Protection, Yunnan Water, Shouchuang, Wuxi Xuelang, etc.

The TFE series external mixed dual medium atomization spray gun independently developed, designed and produced by the company has obtained multiple patents and passed strict explosion-proof certification. It has been widely used in many domestic steel mills and has become the preferred supplier of converter dry process primary dust removal spray guns, completely replacing imported similar products;

The GCS series rapid cooling spray system independently developed, designed, and produced by the company is widely used in hazardous waste disposal and has become a standard system for hazardous waste disposal, solving the problem of dioxin production in flue gas after hazardous waste incineration;

The SNCR denitrification system designed and produced by the company is specifically designed for waste heat boilers in the hazardous waste industry, greatly reducing nitrogen oxide emissions
The leachate backflow system designed and produced by the company effectively solves the problem of difficult treatment of leachate in the household waste industry;

Shanghai JDSPRAY Systems Co., Ltd. will continuously listen to user requirements and opinions, improve technology, quality, and service to meet the constantly developing market needs, become your best partner, and contribute wisdom and strength to China's environmental protection cause!