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Firmly confident and courageously moving forward | Congratulations on the successful hosting of Shan

2023-04-26     View

The 24th China Environmental Expo 2023, jointly organized by the Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences, the All China Federation of Industry and Commerce Environmental Chamber of Commerce, Munich Expo Group, and China International Trade Munich Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., was grandly held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from April 19 to 21, 2023.


This year's exhibition has an unprecedented scale, with a display area of nearly 196000 square meters, bringing together 2407 environmental protection enterprises from around the world, creating 8 exhibition areas for environmental protection tracks, and 2 special exhibitions on digitalization. It showcases cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements in the entire industry, including solid waste treatment and disposal, air pollution control, pollution site restoration, environmental monitoring, and more. From materials, equipment, technology to complete solutions, it presents a large-scale, high-quality exhibition for the industry The gathering of industry events has built a platform for communication to greatly promote industry cooperation.


Shanghai Jiadi Spray System Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in this industry event. Shanghai Jiadi mainly showcases dual fluid spray guns, FT spray guns, hazardous waste solutions, and household waste solutions to everyone; It also showcases the qualifications, honors, and achievements obtained by the company over the past 15 years of establishment. During the exhibition, the booth attracted a large number of visitors to stop, consult, and negotiate. A good corporate image, commercial reputation, and constantly innovative products are destined to be recognized and favored by the market!



Mr. Zhou from Shanghai Jiadi stated that there is a large customer base, and through the China Environmental Expo, not only can we meet old friends and reminisce about the past, but it also sets up a stage for us to meet new friends. In addition, the Shanghai Jiadi booth has not only attracted many mainland visitors, but also attracted some overseas customers to come for consultation and negotiation.

Customer recognition is our inexhaustible driving force for progress! Mr. Zhou from Shanghai Jiadi stated that we will strengthen our confidence and move forward with courage and determination! Thank you again to our old and new friends for their trust and support all along!